The principles and methods of ThetaHealing resonate with ideas across the spectrum of traditions–from the lost wisdom of ancient civilizations to the latest theories about the physical universe. What is truly revolutionary about Theta is its success in making these avenues of transformation and growth available in such a way that anyone can quickly learn and apply them. It presents you with the keys to take control of your life, clear away the debris standing in your way, and easily move forward.

ThetaHealing is not just a healing modality; it is a way to step into your mastery by using your native intuitive abilities to co-create changeworking with universal source energy–the Creator of All That Is. It is called ThetaHealing because of the key role played in the process by theta brainwaves. Maintaining a theta brainwave frees the mind from the strictures of time and space, making it possible to easily remote view or scan inside the body, and to witness instantaneous physical and emotional healing.

ThetaHealing is a therapeutic modality developed by Vianna Stibel for creating change on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Recollecting our true nature as co-creators enables us to quickly reclaim forgotten abilities and access timeless wisdom, transforming the fabric of daily life into a dynamic journey of evolution and learning.

ThetaHealing is best known for the Belief Work and Feeling Work, which are used to identify and replace counter-productive and unhealthy beliefs, and instill new feelings. Amid growing scientific evidence of the harm caused by toxic emotion, and of the power of feelings and thoughts to impact health and well-being, ThetaHealing offers a means to gently release the burdon of negative programs in support of optimum health and happiness. Theta is truly an attainable miracle for your life!